Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Anything goes.... with Cadbury Favourites" (la la la)

For this weeks blog we must analyse a commercial on telly. The commercial I have chosen is the ad for Cadbury Favourites. So here we go once again on another horribly boring adventure into Megan’s blogs of death….

The commercial begins with a wide establishing shot of in which a blu spotlight appears centre frame. In this spotlight is the silhouette a male figure posing. Music starts immediately as the commercial begins. Shortly after the blue spotlight appears so does a set in the background. The set is comprised of three terraces with lights on in some windows. The set fades to black at the left and right edges of the screen. Here it is obvious that what the audience is seeing is a stage performance. The opening sequence I believe is highly affective. The lighting is good and sets the mood for the musical; the colours are warm and not very saturated which gives a very stage like feel and the music clearly grabs your interest.

A very interesting film technique is used as the man posing spins and turns toward the camera. I believe what is done is the background behind is done via blue screening and in this they have applied a pan down from the still shot of the terraces. As the pan down from the terraces is occurring, the editors have used a dissolve into the next background set. This gives the illusion of a curtain or material backdrop rising which is common in theatre. I found this also highly imaginative and affective.

From here while the backgrounds are dissolving the camera cuts to a medium long shot of the main figure only a second after he starts singing. The song he sings is “Anything Goes” by Cole Porter but the lyrics are replaced to relate to Cadbury Favourites. This I believe is the worst part of the advertisement. The lyrics are not relevant enough to the product, the voice of the singer though reflective of that type of musical is highly irritating and the song is too fast to catch everything that is being said. Like the ads where a character or voiceover screams at you talking so fast you can’t hear a word they are saying, this personally creates a negative view of the product making me deliberately not buy it because the ad gets on my nerves so much. The poorly related lyrics can be seen when the background characters which appear with the first set change are hopping into a tent, the lyrics are “hope no one snores!... anything goes…” and the chorus sings “with Cadbury Favourites”

Another aspect that I find not very affective is the fact that the sets change constantly and even though it does fit in with the stage type theme it is very distracting and detracts from the focus on the product. However even though the sets are distracting they look good visually. I believe that the entire commercial could have also been a lot tighter in relation to shots and filming. The closest shot is a medium shot and there is only one of them. The other shots are medium long shots or extreme long shots and in this the product that is in the main figure’s hand cannot be seen very well. Some salvation though can be found in the tent scene where the light from the tent shines up to a mountain on the right hand side of the frame. In the light are the shadows/silhouettes of the people running in and collecting a Cadbury Favourite. The box of Cadbury Favourites is large and is in colour while the people are in black and white. I find this a highly affective and aesthetically pleasing technique that brings the focus back to the product.

The main scene that properly advertises the product is when the different chocolates appear like billboard signs on the backdrop which is of a dodgy and run down city. The colour contrast here is really good as all the chocolates are very bright and clear which the city surrounding them is mostly grey, hazy and blurred. The commercial ends with the curtain coming down and a large Cadbury Favourites box appearing on it which is wise at it leaves the audience with the image of the product in their mind.

Overall I would say there are definitely positive and negative aspects about this commercial. It does get irritating in my opinion but others I have talked to quite like it. Visually I thinking it is very attractive despite the busyness of it all and there is no doubt that the commercial does catch your attention and leave a lasting impression.

Thats all this time, Love Megs Pickle


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